Vision: To be a highly efficient company with stability and sustainable growth.

Mission and Goals


DW strives to be a leading development, industrial, and services group that develops unique investment opportunities with high yields based on extensive studies prepared by well known international and local consultants.
DW develops competitive projects with sustainable growth and profit that contributes to the Saudi national economy.

DW main Goals is to be an effective investment group in Saudi Arabia, especially in the industrial sector by:

* Initiate, evaluate and develop unique business opportunities.

* Adopt a consistent policy for acquisition of companies that operate in profitable activities with poor management and vision then turning them around to be efficient and profitable.

* Transfer of suitable modern technologies and international expertise of known advanced industrial companies through Joint Venture and partnership.

* DW is seeking to expand the contracting sector activities in order to achieve self-ability technically, financially and organizationally which would enable the contracting sector to execute projects at the value of Saudi Riyals 600 Million. (US$ 160 Million).

* Adopt an effective policy to attract qualified and experienced staff and utilize the services of specialized consultant firms.

*Conduct training for Saudi National with international companies and consultant.

Build a company with high reputation that generates wealth to its share holders and its partners.

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